Geology. Outcrops, springs, springfens, several relief forms (data)

The neccesity to protect the geological heritage in the EU has been defined by The Recommendation Rec(2004)3 on conservation of the geological heritage and areas of special geological interest (Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, 2004) including the creation of databases – Appendix 3. In Latvia, the Ministry of Nature Protection and Regional Development ensures the geological supervision and controls the rational extraction from subterranean depths according to the Article 3 of the Law on Subterranean Depths. Collection and analysis of the information on geological heritage (e.g., geosites, individual formations) is the ground to create a specially protected nature site – Geological and geomorphological nature monument. Outcrops, springs, springfens, several relief forms (eskers, dunes, escarpments) are the grounds for many EU protected habitats (8210, 8220, 8310, 9060, 7160, 7220, 3190 etc.). Geological formations are important elements of landscapes. The Article 6, C of the European Landscape Convention regulates the procedures of identification, analysis, documentation and evaluation of the landscapes. The Article 2 of Law on European Landscape Convention states that the Ministry of Nature Protection and Regional Development coordinates the execution of the commitments defined in the Convention.

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