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  • The Cuisine of Latvia

    If anyone ever tells you that Latvian cuisine is boring, they are either ill-informed or are just lying, as it could not be further from the truth. But you do not need this...

    30 skatījumi
  • Interesting facts about Latvia

    Giant people, the widest waterfall in Europe and pagan festivities... Check out these amazing but true facts about surreal Latvia!

    24 skatījumi
  • Famous people whose lives originated or where influenced by Latvia

    This is a brief look at the achievements and contributions of some of the world’s most famous artists, musicians, athletes, scientists, designers, and scientists whose lives...

    19 skatījumi
  • The people of Latvia

    A summary about people living in Latvia - their ethnicity, language, characteristics etc.

    21 skatījumi
  • History of Latvia

    History of Latvia - a chronology of events starting from ancient history to the 21st century

    19 skatījumi
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