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  • The Cuisine of Latvia

    If anyone ever tells you that Latvian cuisine is boring, they are either ill-informed or are just lying, as it could not be further from the truth. But you do not need this...

    45 skatījumi
  • Interesting facts about Latvia

    Giant people, the widest waterfall in Europe and pagan festivities... Check out these amazing but true facts about surreal Latvia!

    39 skatījumi
  • Famous people whose lives originated or where influenced by Latvia

    This is a brief look at the achievements and contributions of some of the world’s most famous artists, musicians, athletes, scientists, designers, and scientists whose lives...

    38 skatījumi
  • Latvia in the 20th century

    A summary of Latvia's history in the 20th century.

    28 skatījumi
  • Song and Dance celebration

    The Song and Dance Celebration is one of the grandest festivals in the Baltic region in terms of scope, authenticity and style. Every five years in the beginning of July, the...

    32 skatījumi
  • Latvia 100 Snapshot Stories

    Simts īsi stāsti par mūsu apziņas kodiem, vērtībām un tikumiem, īpašiem cilvēkiem, lietām un vietām – par godu Latvijas simtgadei, Latvijas institūts izdevis jaunu grāmatu angļu...

    66 skatījumi
  • The people of Latvia

    A summary about people living in Latvia - their ethnicity, language, characteristics etc.

    36 skatījumi
  • History of Latvia

    History of Latvia - a chronology of events starting from ancient history to the 21st century

    32 skatījumi
  • Treasures of Latvian Nature

    Description of landscapes and versatile nature of Latvia

    24 skatījumi
  • Latvia in Brief

    A summary about Latvia - short information about nature, history, population, ethnicity, size and cities of Latvia

    26 skatījumi
  • About Latvia | Pamatinformācija par Latviju

    A summary about Latvia - its history, population, language, flag, nature and culture.

    25 skatījumi
  • Information about Latvia

    Information and facts about Latvia - the greenovative country. The publication includes knowledge about Latvia's cities, nature, talents, technologies, culture, traditions and...

    29 skatījumi
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